My Aunt’s Orchids

Courtesy of our next-house neighbor and also Aunt Lolit, these orchids are blooms in her garden, a source of joy and delight even as she worries about the rainy season this time of the year. When asked permission for the frames, she obligingly lead the way.

On a sad note, late night yesterday, our dear Mom was admitted at the hospital (her second since December last year) due to high blood pressure. She was already experiencing dizziness and difficulty in talking when checked-in. Appreciate our cousin marching7 and her family for the valuable assistance.

Mga Burak Ngonian

Sa karahayan nin boot kan samuyang kataid sa harong asin Tiyaon Lolit, an mga burak kan orchids gikan sa saiyang tanuman, na nagtatao nin kaogmahan mientras na naghahadit ta panahon nin pag-uran. Kan hagadan mi nin permiso para magretrato, maogma siyang nagpa-enot.

Sa sarong mamundong pangyayari, an samuyang mahal na Ina, piglaog sa ospital (panduwa poon kan Deciembre kan naka-aging taon) huli sa alta-presyon. Naliliyo na asin nadeficilan na magtaram kan ilaog. Dakulang pasasalamt sa samuyang pinsan marching 7 asin pamilya sa saindang tabang.


0 thoughts on “My Aunt’s Orchids”

  1. Lovely flowers, such a pretty pink. I hope your Mum is OK (I’ve been having high BP lately, off to see Dr again tomorrow).

  2. Japa, Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog.
    I love your flower’s photo.
    This soft color and petal shapes are very georgeous.

  3. dear Japa, Thanks for commenting on my post, I like your orchid too, nice blooms.I hope your mum get well soon and God bless you and your love ones.Have a nice weeek.

  4. Hi dear….thank u so much for your visit and comment. I came here today cause last night I had problem at my computer…nice shot and I hope so we can be friends.

    have a ncie week

  5. These are beautiful flowers and I thank you for sharing them. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother and I hope she feels better very soon.

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