Watch A Crow Springs A Surprise

I should bring always a camera with me, even on unplanned sorties.

This I learned when I chanced upon one crow crossing my path. I long wanted to take a short video of the bird, but in our place sightings of this is a rare occasion.

I have with me a low resolution cellphone camera which I know will not give justice for a good coverage I want. Anyway, I was able to record few minutes.

The crow was not frightened with my presence but instead stayed for a while.

In the countryside, sighting of birds, may it be small or big, will stir interest on the younger boys which would prompt and have the will to catch and when successful turn them into their pet for a while.

The back of our house borders the rice fields where smaller birds come and go. With the presence of kids with sling shots, a bird become prey when hit with stone. Usually, it would end on the frying pan or broiled. Take your pick.

It is best to see more native and smalls birds on the farm when the field is green with the rice plants bursting with grains. They compete and prey on insects lost in the green wilderness.

In future videos, I will have to show the area for sure.

I have a soft heart for animals, more so when they are endangered and abused. I don’t know with crows in other countries. Their presence may be a bane or a boon, depending on the locality, perception or prevailing situation.

I have posted on the website and also featured articles highlighting conservation and related issues on animals.

This short encounter with a crow was an opportunity for me, similar to that previous post about the squirrel.

I hope I was able to make use pretty well the footage with this short commentary. And I know, the footage is not that clear and crisp.

Note that I chose to preserve the native sound on the video even with the passing vehicles which was annoying.

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See you next time and thanks.

Watch the video on Cbanga360 YouTube inMotion channel on this linke: HERE.

Or, right, below:

[Video file fact of: “A Crow Springs Surpise in April”
✅ Video: Streams dependent on the viewer internet connection and gadget capability, (look Ma, it’s great to watch on TV!)
✅ HD Video: 1920 x 1080 at 22,000 kbits/sec and 29.97 frames/sec
✅ Audio: MPEG at 16 bit stereo @48 KHZ
✅ Duration: 2 min & 56..27 secs
✅ Total Frames: X
✅ Total File Size: 252,422 KB
✅ Closed Caption: NO
✅ Music: X ]


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