10 Tweets that tell stories about New Year’s eve fire in Dubai

10 Tweets that tell stories about New Year’s eve fire in Dubai.

While the news was posted here quick about New Year eve fire erupts beside Dubai’s tallest building, we revisit the tweets still pouring in about the hapless event.

Sad to say, we did not find enough Tweet detail about the people directly affected. Social media may have a way of compartmentalizing the information for one’s consumption.

Indeed, some are interested in high profile personalities like:

Take two here:

Unsure of the fact, newspaper tweets its theory:

The Independent satirizes Dubai’s longing for its ‘tall’ ambition:

Al Jazeera wants you to enjoy the view!

And then, the other side of Dubai, the deplorable state immigrant workers are made to endure:

More on video library: HERE FOR MORE


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