GARBAGE SHIP Return to Manila and containers of rotting waste gone!

MV. Bavaria
MV Bavaria- The cargo ship carrying containers of rotten, probably hazardous waste has returned to Manila.

Whatever happened to the Canadian garbage loaded on the ship destined to be on its way back to Vancouver?

Remember how Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte was so “infuriated” and postured for media consumption he declared (garbage) war on Canada and Trudeau.

Well, as always, it was all more of posturing and his trademark curse words and nothing more.

As for the garbage, its whereabout is now unknown. It would have been interesting if the journey of the containers with rotting garbage were monitored up until its destination.

Rebel media gives us an update on the whereabout of the ship. The ship has returned to Manila and the cargo of garbage is gone. That was quick.

So where in the world were the containers with rotting garbage now, probably with hazardous contents, disposed or unloaded?

The cargo ship MV Bavaria which was carrying the rotting garbage had returned to Manila June 17 2019 at 07:00AM. It had visited the ports of Batangas, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Hong Kong and Yantian before finally docking in Manila.


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