Catholics need not breed ‘like rabbits’ – Pope Francis

Catholics need not breed ‘like rabbits’ – Pope Francis

Pope Francis literally shunned the Philippine government’s official move on use of contraception in the country despite opposition from the Catholic bishops.

Defending the Catholic Church’s ban on contraceptives, he said that followers of the faith don’t have to breed “like rabbits” and there are other ways, including natural family planning, that could be used to regulate births.


He added that there are “licit” ways to control parenthood such as, “responsible parenting,” which is a method of abstaining from intercourse during the time a woman is ovulating.

A one-hour long news conference was held inside the Philippine Airlines plane en route to Rome January 19 ending the week-long trip to Asia.

The Pope also said he has plans to visit the Central African Republic, Uganda, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay later this year.

Meanwhile the predominantly Catholic Philippines has a population breaching the 100-million mark this year.


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