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Watch Gov. Migz new tourism video campaign for CamSur

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First Published         11 May , 2017      11:36 am. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

H/T: Screen shot from the Youtube video on CamSur adventure.

Have you been to CamSur, yet? Or, when was your last visit of the province?

We are posting this because Governor Migz Villafuerte is rolling out the invitation to local tourists and ‘outsiders’ alike, to savor the warmth welcome for tourists.

Take note the premier province of Bicol offers incomparable prestine beaches in world class Caramoan, among its natural and man-made attractions.

So now is the time to catch the last vestiges of summer south of Manila.

You have got to see and experience Camarines Sur to believe it. The choice is limitless, only endurance can limit the fun.

Watch the video campaign below, and plan for that unforgettable experience only one can find in the province.

Flashback in 2009, then Governor L-Ray Villafuerte also beefed up the tourism campaign, sample is like the one below:

Which is a better tourism pitch? The second video upload was low resolution (max at 480p) and pixelized, though.



First Published         11 May , 2017      11:36 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 210 views.


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