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The School Bands Rock the Town Fiesta

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First Published         7 Sep , 2010      11:31 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

With every observance of the town fiesta here in Calabanga, we also look forward to the drum and bugle corps that now has been transformed and adapted to the current trend- a band more apt to the occasion.

The cacophony of sound and music more enlivens the festive mood. Other than the traditional spectators and guests that strain their necks and focus their ears, the school officials and proud parents are more anxious at watching their proteges and children perform their pieces, Which all the more make the performers stress a bit.

O, well, it’s part of the celebration and once over and done with become part of the memory. So, better yet, do all the best and execute that good music. Or one will keep on remembering that moment when you did a “kalabasa” (wrong move) in front of the many piercing eyes. These could be the thoughts they carried all along during the parade.

And how could those beautiful, dainty and lovely majorettes could have performed their calesthenics without rhythm and tempo provided by and thanks to the band? Really, the school bands rock the town fiesta.

Our Tony Abalayan, Jr. was there and filed these photos.

First Published         7 Sep , 2010      11:31 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)


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