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Update: Hijackers of Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane release hostages, then surrenders

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First Published         24 Dec , 2016      1:58 pm. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

The tail portion of Afriqiyah Airwayss Airbus A320-200 sporting the signature livery of the airline as parked in the Tarmac, photo by Wikipedia user/contributor Maher27777.

TRIPOLI, Dec. 24 — An update report said that hijackers of the Libyan Afriqiyah Airways plane diverted to Malta on Friday have surrendered peacefully, with all hostages released.

Footage showed on local television with two hijackers taken into custody in handcuffs peacefully.

The two hijackers said they were loyal to the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was toppled in 2011.

A Libyan TV channel reported that one of the two men identified himself as Mousa Shaha. He claimed by phone that he was the head of the Al-Fateh Al-Jaded party, new Al-Fateh, a name that Gaddafi gave to his coup in 1969.

Local media reports said that the two men demanded asylum in Malta.

The Afriqiyah Airways plane originally took off from Sabha in southern Libya to Tripoli’s Mitiga airport, that was when two men hijacked and alleged;y threatened to blow the airbus A320 with hand grenade.

H/T: Wikipedia, Xinhua



First Published         24 Dec , 2016      1:58 pm      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 132 views.


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