I broke my Sony handycam

Do you have this feeling of not letting go of things you have or own, even if it is already broken? I am having a separation anxiety over my Sony Handycam CX100 which stopped working recently. I broke my Sony handycam. O, another one bites the dust.

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I will talk about my Sony handycam CX100 which unfortunately bowed out of service, or so it seems, very recently.

I acquired this versatile handycam years ago. It came with power cord, adapter and other peripherals.

I also added a fish eye lens and a set of filters which did great service while filming.

Sony sells cameras with out of the box supplied battery that only last for less than one hour. That is why I grabbed extra longer lasting batteries from aftermarket camera stores. An addition to the cost but a good investment. So now I have got three batteries plus the original tiny one. I could film for many hours without worrying I will run out of power supply.

This videocam has a hard drive capacity of 8 gigabyte but I was using a Sony Memory Stick ProDou most of the time. It can record 3 hours max on HD resolution.

The CX100 had a maximum High Definition resolution of 1920 by 1080 or commonly known as 1080p.

I also use tripods, the big one and this other smaller handy one for different filming purposes.

I used it on many of my videos. I favored using this handycam being small and lightweight and just the right one for my needs.

But since not all good things are meant to last, more so with electronics, and, like fashion that changes in every season, so this camera stopped being usable already.

The display turned dark. While the camera can still be powered on and record video, the display was out of sync or would not show anything at all.

The culprit was the flimsy cable that transmits image from the main body to the display was ruptured. Either caused by the constant closing and opening of the display each time I use the camera. The wear and tear of constant use, I would say.

That I found out after detaching the screen display and removing three small screws from the main body. I need a screw driver that will fit the tiny head of the screws for there are more. So I have to get one first of all.

I already searched the internet and learned there is an available replacement part. Maybe, just maybe, I could repair the handycam. I only have to buy the same kind of cable.

Since I can not let go of the CX100, and with the prospect of repairning it, I might as well do that. Also it will give me an opporunity to record the repair work and share it later.

So for the meantime, this handycam will stay in the box for safekeeping until I am able to get the tools and part I need. It would seem my separation anxiety will be put on hold up until I confirm whether I can do the hands on repair or not.

Going back to my question, do you guys really have this weird feeling of not letting go of things you have even if it is already broken? Leave your comments and let us start a conversation.

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Good day everyone and thank you. Maogmang aldaw asin mabalos po.

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