Road Tour Calabanga | Sibao to Town Center

sibao resort entrance
Short road tour from Barangay Sibao with the jump-off point of Sibao resort, then traversing the bumpy, jumpy road passing through several villages including Fabrica, Bigaas, San Jose and San Isidro, all the way to the town poblacion.

This is our road tour from Barangay Sibao up to the town center of Calabanga on-board the ubiquitous Pinoy Jeepney.

From Sibao resort, our tour traversed the road artery passing through several of the upland and rural barangays which include Sibao, Fabrica and Bigaas.

Navigating these areas meant going through roads that are partially paved, pot-holed, rough and muddy. But of course, the experience was all welcomed which was a great departure from our usual road trips on paved and maintained highways.

Before the main video, watch first this throwback of a #short jeepney ride in the city:

And below, please watch the road tour from Sibao to town center Calabanga:


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