Road Tour Calabanga: Leaving behind Manguiring

road tour manguiring
The end of the road, for the trek from town center to Harubay via the Binanuanan villages and return via Camuning and Manguiring.

On the road now by Barangay Manguiring meant almost done with the round trip touring of this route (Poblacion-Binanuanan-Harubay-Comaguingking-Camuning) that all began by the vicinity of the Porta Mariae of La Porteria church grounds.

The quick trip exposed us to sun and rain and sun. But mostly, rain which was really a daunting challenge when taking a video.

I used a very portable, very handy, very light camera, which was very all right! The downside was, it has no feature to attach a filter. At least for the particular model I used.

The first and earlier three episodes were just okay, I didn’t even bother to color correct the video, though it begs for some (the video footage). I am a novice in that aspect, (he he he).

This fourth and last part almost didn’t make it to the final cut. Note the very strong light breaking the frames (over exposure) which should be a no no for a raw or finished footage.

Also, simple confession here, the cause of the jittery footage was the broken grip head of the Monkey tripod used at that time.

But hey, I will retrace the same route for a second time, soon.

Care to watch the previous videos, here?

The second part below:

And the first part is here:


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