Watch Found First Monument Dedicated to Filipino Teachers

This is the first monument dedicated to the Filipino teachers found in the town of Calabanga, Philippines.
This is the first monument dedicated to the Filipino teachers found in the town of Calabanga, Philippines.

You read it right, this is the first monument dedicated to the Filipino teachers found in the town of Calabanga.

This monument is a landmark for the longest time since I was living in the town, or actually, since I was born. But it was just a standing structure of no importance or significance to me. Until now.

I am referring to the monument in the town of Calabanga that was dedicated to the Filipino teachers in the early 1950s, just a few years after the town has settled peacefully from the effects of the last world war.

Some claimed it was the first in the province of Camarines Sur or perhaps in the Bicol region. While others who have seen the monument said it could be the first in the country. That observation is subject to debate and proof of course.

Before, it was located near the front of the town’s municipal hall building, at the tiny triangular ground, just outside the main entrance gate, of the Catholic parish of La Porteria. It was almost at the center of the town, it seemed to me. Almost equidistant from the municipal hall bulding, the market place and the church.

Our informant said it was dedicated between 1953 and 1954, or perhaps, during the term of then Mayor Dominador Medroso, Sr. Medroso was mayor of the town for about twenty years.

Since I do not have the complete data and only with the limited information gathered from our relatives in the town about the monument. These could be some of bit of information of what could have transpired during the exact date of the monument’s dedication.

The mayor and other municipal officials may have been either the principals or sponsors of the event or witnesses and distinguished visitors at the same time. During those olden days, I would presume an event like this was so important that town officials were expected to give utmost preference and attend the ocassion.

The school official at that time was Wenceslao Adupe. Either he was there as Supervisor or a representative from the School’s Division office. Since there was only a handful of elementary public schools, nearby school officials and teachers may have witrnessed the event.

The pupils or students may have been encouraged to join and participate in the celebration.

The occasion must have been witnessed by many residents, too. It was an important event. And that particular appointed day must have been sunny, and, it was unlikely done during the summer school vacation but most highly probable while the schools are open. I just wondered if there was a parade, too.

I am wondering too why there is no detailed information about the monument or any plaque attached to the structure. But one can only see the markings that it was dedicated to the Filipino teachers. It could be that the proponents just forgot to place one.

I also do not have the data on who the person or group of persons or association that commissioned the construction of the monument or the person or persons that executed the final enterpretation for the concept.

According to our source, long time barrio San Pablo resident and public school teacher Ms. Josefina (Pining) Dumalasa was the supposed model who stood as the teacher with school kids Eva Salvosa of San Antonio and Erlindo Tordilla of San Francisco.

It was during the leadership of Mr. Eduardo Aguilar in the organization of public school teachers of the district that the monument was moved to a different location. The structure was placed at the intersection of barangay San Pablo and San Francisco. It is a short walk from the parish church of La Porteria and a good viewing distance from the window of Ms. Pining Dumalasa’s residence.

I can add a side note here that in the year of 2011 Presidential Proclamation No. 242 was issued which specied the celebration of the National Teacher’s Month starting September 5th until the World Teachers’ Day on October 5th. It is the longest celebration honoring more than half a million teachers nationwide.

Back to the monument, I would say the people of the town were ahead by more than six decades at giving honor to the Filipino teachers.

Watch the video rendition on our official Cbanga360 inMotion channel on YouTube on this link: Found First Monument Dedicated to Filipino Teacher

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