Operation ‘Double Barrel Alpha’ orders Bicol police to arrest 3 drug suspects daily


smileredunhappyLEGAZPI CITY — At the rate they are operating, the Bicol PNP is more pumped-up in the campaign against illegal drugs in the region, more than ever. What with the strong support from both the chief executive himself and his alter ego in the police heirarchy.

So now, with the direction and orhesrtration from its main office in Camp Crame, the second wave of that PNP campaign tagged as ‘Double Barrel Alpha’ target both alleged high profile and street level drug suspects.To be interpreted as expect more blood, body count, ‘vigilante’ and extra judicial executions.

But of cource, that part one campaign atttempted to demolish more of the small time players in the illegal drug trade only. Never the big fish.

The latest count of drug surrenderees for the six provinces of Bicol now totals 46,207 since the implementation of the first phase which began in July 2016.

The Bicol police office identified that out of the regional total, the province of Albay account for 12,314 drug surrenderees, among them 11,194 self-confessed users and 1,120 pushers. All small time.

The PNP headquarters in Crame is privy to the information that there are 24,000 more alleged drup personalities in the region. How come local police officials do not know these numbers that the main office had to feed the number down the line?

But what was intriguing was that information also disclosed each of the six provinces has an equal number of 4,000 remaining drug personalities. An even and equal distribution of users and pushers for each province?

And the order was to hunt and arrest all as soon as possible with all the chiefs of police urged to double or triple their efforts until December 31, 2016.

That order comes down to like arresting or apprehending or neutralizing three alleged drug personalities every day up until the given deadline.

So what happen when the local chief of police become perceived to be non-effective? They got booted out of their post.

Like the case of Chief Insp. Luke Ventura, lately was the Guinobatan OIC chief of police but edged out by Chief Insp. Cecilia Zuniga.

Or Malinao Sr. Insp. Jumie Cardano now replaced by Chief Insp. Vergel Bibat as OIC.

Thursday last week, Chief Insp. Errol Garchitorena, then OIC chief of police of Legazpi City was replaced by Supt. Nilo Berdin.

For the local police officers, there really is the need to upstage one another if only to satisfy and fulfill the mission and vision of ‘Operation Tokhang, or they are booted out!’


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