Mangrove Planting and Reforestation Continue in Camarines Sur

Some of the participants of the mangrove planting in barangay Cagsao, all photos courtesy of Marian Ramos.

Small worthy endeavors that unfold in the rural areas usually miss the media radar. Here we checked out the concerted efforts of unified youth organizations in a fresh wave of mass mangrove planting on Saturday, January 28. According to Marian Ramos the volunteers represent members from Skaters-Calabanga, Skaters-Naga, the National Youth Commission of South Luzon and Abalayan clan youth organization.

There is the concerted, continuing and coordinated efforts on the part of residents, stakeholders and the local government in the mangrove replenishment and reforestation of Camarines Sur.

Theme of the event was “Skaters Way for a Cleaner Earth Today” devoted as Advocacy Day Mangrove Planting at barangay Cagsao in Calabanga. Also witness to the environmental protection project included town mayor Evelyn Yu, municipal kagawad Danny Abalayan, and many more youth organization advisers including Ms. Dindin Daliva. Ramos reported the event was a success.

Meanwhile, we revisit the province- wide drive of Camarines Sur in the green project of El Verde. The movement spearheaded by governor Luis Raymond Villafuerte has reached over and above the 5 millon mark. A cummulative total 5,176,343 trees are now planted throughout the province ever since it began in February of last year. Quite a remarkable feat that would be hard to beat.

Even as the reforestation and replanting drive is on-going, in other parts of the province, there is a continuous denudation of the trees thru “kaingin” system and eventually charcoal making, too. Some of the charcoal make its way to the market in Calabanga, with a repacking site sighted in barangay Sabang and elsewhere.

It is difficult to blame impoverished families who result on these method as a means of earning meager income, sometimes, the only source to sustain their family. If the government can identify, provide, assist and help maintain a sustainable source of income for the families, it will make the thrust on reforestation effective, faster and attainable. Without an alternative source of income and incentive, the old system will carry on forward, no matter what.

More than the constant reminders (and warning, maybe) to local officials of their duty in the implementation and the importance of protection and conservation programs, it will count more if the residents are given enough information and education on the negative effects to the environment of current and prevailing practices in the upland communities.


5 thoughts on “Mangrove Planting and Reforestation Continue in Camarines Sur”

  1. the Organizer of this event is the Lahat-Gabos Organization..without them this event wouldn’t even be possible..but there name isn’t even mentioned..

    here is there site

    this organization already had planted mangroves back when it was still a small unit..and on April 22 as part of the international earth day celebration..they will be back there for the 11th time to continue serving Mother earth..

    facts are Important.

  2. @phristo
    Thanks for the input. Your group’s accomplishment is worth more than a mouthful of accolades.

  3. The article is well-written but Kinda dissapointing coz the group who really organized this event wasn’t even mentioned. It is LAHAT-GABOS ORGANIZATION, an environmental org compose of young professionals and students who r being environmentalist in their own ways, made so much effort for this event to be possible. The pictures in this article are from their official facebook account, posted here without their permission.

  4. .,Nasa pictures naman makikita kung ano ang papel ng Lahat-Gabos event lalo na sa third pix.They are all Lahat-gabos members..sana lang next time, rely not just on one source, make it 2 or more. Kasi tulad niyan, hindi na nga na mention at pati yung pictures taken by Lahat-Gabos Org nai-post without their permission..The Org decided not to take any legal action against this cause it’s all for Mother Earth naman.


  5. During the event, not all people present there participated..Ang iba nagpapa pogi lang,Pwerte ang paki-tsismisan, matanum pag mapa-picture lang, sige pa ang panugo…Mas maray pa ang mga jovenes ta naghihiriro..


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