Pandemic: Legazpi city doctor co-leads production of PPEs for hospital frontline health personnel

Dr. Christina Carmelli A. Brocales on DWAY
Dr. Chrisitna Carmelli A. Brocales of Bicol University College of Medicine co-leads production of PPEs, advice people to stay at home, appeals for support, on DWAY radio health show.

Must watch interview of the lady doctor from Legazpi city who co-leads project in production of personal protection equipment (PPE).

The Bicol region has 4 patients confirmed positive with the Chinese coronavirus, three in the province of Albay and one in Camarines Sur.

As more cases of probable infected persons could surface in the region, primary hospitals in Bicol face the daunting challenge of providing enough supply of hospital safety gears for frontline health personnel.

In Legazpi city, Dr. Christina Carmelli A. Brocales found her way in co-leading a ‘team’ that now produces PPE in the facilities of the Bicol University College of Medicine, in cooperation with another college in the campus, BUSIT, personnel and private sector.

Dr. Christina Carmelli a. Brocales
Legazpi-based doctor in Bicol region co-leads team making personal protective gear or wearable.

The group accepts donation, in cash or in kind (materials to be used in production of the protective gears) to facilitate the continuance of their PPE production.

Some of the finished PPEs were already delivered to the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital for its frontline health personnel.

The doctor appeared on the local radio program of DWAY via ‘video patch’ (pardon the grainy video and faltering sound) and shared interesting details about the coronavirus and the project.


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