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It’s fun to declare sing and dance talent persona non grata of Albay

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First Published         21 Feb , 2015      9:36 am. (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)

Declare Xian Lim persona non grata of Albay

Remember Ramon Bautista when he was in Davao city during the celebration of Kadayawn Festival in 2014? The city council passed a resolution afterwards which declared him a persona non grata for being a “corrupt influence to the youth.” Bautista made an insensitive hipon joke in a party during the event.

Will the same apply to Xian Lim?


The story is covered on this link Xian Lim shows rudeness in Albay Fiesta Tsinoy Chinese event

To make the matter bigger than a small hole, Lim denied what Atty. Cruz relayed and disclosed on the media, making her appear the liar, all the more. That Lim denial should be the final straw making the governor’s trusted aid look bad to his (Lim’s) fans and to the people subscribed to his social media accounts.

The misdemeanor of Lim has drawn flak from netizens on the social media. Governor Joey Sarte has been posting on his facebook account some with captions “#I am here to promote Albay.” nand on Tweets, too.

Despite the great effort of Atty Cruz, Lim did not accept the Albay T-shirt because it is cheap and would not compare to the products he endorse? He did not accept the coffee table book because he do not want to promote Albay? Maybe, he will if given the right price, maybe?

Atty. Cruz said that his presence in the celebration was in exchange for a talent fee.

Would it rather that the low I.Q entertainer just accept without grumbling the gifts even if he will not wear the shirt nor read the book? It would have been the smartest act, should we say. But no, by rejecting the “gifts” he placed Atty Cruz on the spot, virtually slapping the good governor of Albay because Atty. Cruz represents Gov. Joey.

It’s fun to declare Xiam Lim persona non grata of Albay!



First Published         21 Feb , 2015      9:36 am      (UTC/GMT -8 HRS)       with 433 views.


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4 Responses

  1. cbanga360 says:

    Ok,just a fun thought here, flush Xian Lim into the mouth of Mt.Mayon, and let’s see if he will be vomitted with the lahar all at once!

  2. cbanga360 says:

    Guv Salceda posted: “It’s either 1. His parents did not raise him well. 2. He had bad education. 3. He is not managed well. 4. His character is inversely proportional to his looks. 5. He is on something,”

  3. cbanga360 says:

    Gov.Joey has all reasons to fume: “Salceda, in one of his series of Facebook posts on Friday, said Lim could not be forgiven for his rude remarks, especially since he was paid by the provincial government P350,000 to appear in “Fiesta Tsinoy,”

  4. uragonAlbay says:

    “It’s fun to declare Xian Lim persona non grata of Albay” – you are childish. irrational, immature, incompetent. wherever your from. this is why your stupidity stays in your blog.