Kins of presidential, vice-presidential candidates are highly motivated, invested in campaigns


Now, more than ever, in the history of Philippine elections that we see more kins and relatives personally, and highly invested in the candidacy of their family members. It would seem in a very short span of campaign time, they have turned the endeavor into a very personal career, and a family business-like undertaking.

For that long stride, the free social media networks ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are extensively used.

It is understandable since eventually, the winner takes it all. Family members will also share in the windfall of winnings, Philippine style.

But some who are not relatives, but supporters are investing time and good effort, too.

For one, the Liberal Party gets full support of Kris Aquino who really is going out of her way for Mar Roxas.

But of course, it is not hidden to one and sundry that with Roxas winning, there is the assurance that outgoing President of the Philippines (POTP) Benigno S. Aquino, III may get relief for non persecution for whatever wrong doings and misgivings in PDAF, DAP, SAF-44, Typhoon Yolanda, etc., and other cases detractors conceive after his term of office. If Mar wins, he needs to reciprocate the gesture, big time.

Let’s take a peep on these candidates’ relatives whose acivities are shared on the social media sites:

For vice-presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr, his sons are campaigning for his candidacy:

Time for Liberal Party vice-presidential candidate’s daughters to shine, rooting for their mother:

Previously kept secret, Paolo Roxas, the son of Presidential candidate Mar Roxas and Miss Young International 1971 semi-finalist and Miss Photogenic Maricar Zaldarriaga. Last time I checked Mar Roxas is married to ABS-CBN broadcaster Korina Sanchez. For those who want to know more about this juicy item, the internet is a good source to start. Caution, truth hurts.

  • Kins of presidential, vice-presidential candidates are highly motivated, invested in campaigns.


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