This is why Albay Governor Joey Salceda dumps LP’s RORO team


Below is the full text of Governor Joey Salceda’s official statement posted on his Facebook account, explaining why he is totally dumping the daang matuwid roro team of Liberal Party:

Ang Presidente ko ay may malinaw na plano at may puso para sa ordinaryong Filipino. May pagkiling sa kanayunan at may paninindigan para sa bayan. Dalisay ang kalooban. May galling, lakas ng loob at patas magpatupad ng batas.

At this stage of our national growth cycle, the duty of the state is to prompt and sustain positive consequences in the lives of ordinary families, to restore the capacity to dream to the weak, the poor, the shirtless and the homeless and to generate the national will from the dreams of 107m people. And what we have learned throughout the years of working on the ground is that expertise is needed but does not suffice. What one needs more to succeed is the heart – and the heart in the right place – to be able to truly help our fellow citizens

As a public servant and as an analyst, I have worked with our people in building resilient and empowered communities, and in combining a more expansive economy with effective delivery of basic services to secure an inclusive society, while expanding our forests and keeping our environment clean so future Albayanos will have the same resources to realize their potential and achieve their dreams.

In transcending barriers and transforming our province, we have been guided by “shared values” of authentic humanism and the primacy of human dignity which are articulated in our “shared goals” of zero casualty during disasters and sustainable development goals. And our shared goals translate into shared impacts such as higher achievement in education including 77,182 tertiary scholars from 2007 to 2015, and in basic education with NAT from 177th in 2007 to 19th in 2012 and 35th in 2015.

Despite climate change, our rice production increased from 95,739 metric tonnes in 2008 to 148, 229 in 2015, making Albay self-sufficient at 104% from only 74%. Foreign tourists increased from 8,765 in 2006 to 374,949 in 2015 boosting total tourists to 1,417,595 from 133,440 in 2006. From 6,300 hectares in 2003, we increased our forests to 26,923 in 2007 to 53,074 in 2015, our mangroves increased from 700 hectares in 2007 to 2,400 in 2015.

If these principles apply at the local level, all the more it should be set as a minimum at the national level. And among the present candidates, I believe that there is only one candidate who embodies the right values to lift the lives of our people and articulates the dreams of our youth and expands the national potential.

One whose single-minded focus on the poor will mobilize the entire government machinery and summon the whole society to lift 11.4m families out of the vulnerable conditions in the countryside and gather them into the broad middle class.

One who can command respect of the international community just as the Philippines will achieve $1trn economy by 2030 and can aspire to OECD membership, thus we would be in a better position to influence global policy directions that affect our nation. One who will espouse change that is fair to the poor and fair to the future, and can provide fresh approaches and inspire an entire nation in its joyful diversity while upholding Filipino values of respect for authority, care for the disadvantaged.

I am Gov. Salceda and my President is Grace Poe. She shares our values of authentic humanism, shares our goals of countryside development and national competitiveness and certainly her compassion will ensure that the impacts will be shared by all.

For the good of Albay, for the good of all Albayanos, and for the future of my country, it is my duty to join ang Gobyernong may Puso. On the ministerial aspect, I am informing the Comelec that I am now running as an Independent. I am still bound to support the candidacy of Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal, Daraga Mayor Gerry Jaucian, Camalig Mayor Ardhail Baldo, Manito Mayor Joshua Daep and Rapurapu Mayor Galicia. And for Board Members- RB Imperial, Ralph Andes and Rolly Rosal.

This is why Governor Joey Salceda dumps LP’s RORO team, in favor of Galing at Puso independent candidate Grace Poe Llamanzares.


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