No more outright collection of NAIA terminal fee for OFWS beginning March 2017

Departing passengers outside Ninoy Aquino International airport terminal

Departing passengers outside Ninoy Aquino International airport terminal

So this is it. No more outright collection of airport terminal fee for OFWS beginning March of 2017.

This is a minor news for Overseas Filipino Workers, if ever.

Beginning March 2017, OFWs will get exemption from paying the P550 airport terminal fee.

This was confirmed by Manila International Airport Authority general manager Ed Monreal in a news huddle at the Manila Hotel last Monday.

Current practice which began on February 2015 imposed direct collection of terminal fee from OFWs purchasing tickets either thru airline ticket counters or online travel booking sites.

The system added more hassle, paper works and red tape for afterwards, the concerned ticket buyer will refund the collected fee at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal prior to departure.

In most cases than not, the departing OFW do not claim the refund for lack of time or due to long line and wait, whatever was prevailing.

From the time the program kickstarted, the terminal fee collection has topped over one billion pesos already.

One half billion of that amount should have been refunded rightfully to OFWs but are still in the general fund of the airport.

For those concerned, Monreal gave assurance that refund will be processed upon presentation of the E-ticket and passport used during the travel.

Since the airport authority has their record, even claims for airport terminal fee on tickets used for travels several years ago will be entertained.

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