Not game changer: Environment agency intercepts illegal logs


Over the week, 75,000 board feet of alleged illegal logs from Partido area of the province of Camarines Sur were reported to be intercepted by the task force of the Bicol office of the environment and natural resources department.

It was the second apprehension this year in the areas around Mount Isarog. The first involved 20,0000 board feet of lumber in barangay Tamban of Tinambac on July 2nd.

According to the regional environment office the apprehending team of anti-illegal logging task force is actually a composite of personnel from the navy, air force, police, NBI and environment agency which coordinate in its operations.

The recent success at intercepting illegal logs was the result of various follow-up operations of the group, according to Bicol environment director Gilbert Gonzales.

The task force, which counts the support from the Naval Forces Southern Luzon, in the past weeks netted illegaly cut lumber in the towns of Presentatcion, Tinambac and Sipocot.

Based on historical apprehensions, the illegal loggers in the province of Camarines Sur center their operations around the obvious source, Mt. Isarog national park and the Bicol national park.

While the task force is bent on stoppage of illegal logging, yet it waits for the illegal logs to come out from the forest. It would not help attain an effective outcome of the drive towards preservation and non-denudation of the mountains. The watch will only entrap the thieve’s drivers and personnel but not stop the prohibited operation.

It is best to eradicate illegal logging before the sturdy trees are felled to the ground. Time to change the routine of the environment department and its task force to finally become a real game changer.


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