Bicol in power blackout after Typhoon Glenda


Officials of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) said in a briefing that Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay and Sorsogon in Region 5; and Quezon, Laguna, Batangas, Cavite and Rizal in Region 4, Bataan in Region 3 were all cut off from the grid as of 8:00 P.M., July 16, 2014.

Meanwhile, Albay Power and Electric Corporation announced Wednesday that its Bitano SS Feeders 1 and 2 and Washington SS facilities will be energized anytime, once the national grid supplies electricity. The power retailer did not guarantee the whole franchise area of ALECO will get power soon as it cautioned that some localities will still suffer power blackout.

Its Bitano SS Feeder 3 and 4 can be energized possibly within the week, also with isolations.

The power distribution lines providing services to Legazpi City were earlier damaged by typhoon “Glenda”.

At around noon, NGCP had posted the following list of transmission lines and facilities affected by the typhoon:


500-kV Facilities affected:
1. San Jose – Nagsaag Line
2. San Jose – Tayabas Line
3. Dasma – Tayabas Line
4. Dasma – Ilijan Line
5. Nagsaag-Bolo Line

230-kV Facilities affected:
1. Mexico – Hermosa Line
2. Hermosa – Limay Line
3. San Jose – Balintawak Line
4. Daraga-Bacman Line
5. Labo – Naga Line
6. Daraga – Bacman Line
7. Naga – Tiwi C Line
8. Naga – Daraga Line
9. Daraga – Tiwi A Line
10. Gumaca – Labo Line
11. Naga – Tayabas Line
12. Gumaca – Kalayaan Line
13. Gumaca – Labo Line
14. Tayabas – Daraga Line
15. Malaya – Kalayaan Line
16. San Jose – Malolos Line
17. Binan –Muntinlupa Line
18. Binan – Dasma Line
19. Binan – Bay Line
20. Calaca – Bacnotan Line
21. Calaca – Sta.Rosa Line
22. Calaca – Amadeo Line
23. Araneta – Paco Line

115-kV Facilities Affected:
1. Dasmarinas-Rosario Line

69-kV Facilities Afffected:
1. Bay-Calamba 69-kV Line
2. Gumaca-Hondagua-Tagkawayan 69-kV Line
3. Gumaca-Pitogo-Mulanay 69-kV Line
4. Daraga – Legaspi 69-kV line
5. Daraga – Sorsogon 69-kV line
6. Naga-Libmanan 69-kV line
7. Naga-Lagonoy 69-kV Line
8. Naga-Iriga 69-kV line
9. All 69-kV Lines in Batangas and Sorsogon

South Luzon Areas, including provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Quezon, and Bicol Region have been isolated from the grid due to the effect of Tropical Storm Glenda.


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  1. Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Bataan and Cavite. Muntinlupa city and Gumaca town, in Quezon are placed under a state of calamity. This also means that a 60-day price freeze on basic consumer goods in these areas takes effect immediately.

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