Pope Francis on Sunday appeal for abolition of death penalty


Pope Francis on Sunday appealed for a worldwide abolition of death penalty or capital punishment.

“I appeal to the consciences of those who govern to reach an international consensus to abolish the death penalty… The commandment ‘you shall not kill’ has absolute value and applies to both the innocent and the guilty,” the Pope said, as quoted by the ITV television channel.

According to the United Nations, over 160 member states have either abolished death penalty or do not practice it. The organization has repeatedly called for abolition of capital punishment.

The Philippines has abolished the death penalty already while the Russian Federation has suspended its implementation although it was retained in their constitution. The capital punishment by firing squad is reserved for especially severe offenses, such as aggravated murder and genocide. (Sputnik)

This call of the Pope will have special meaning for Pinoys in the current election season. One presidential candidate is calling for the return of death penalty.

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