This is our take on the Rio Olympics 2016 opening


The much awaited world event in sports has begun, we watched on TV!

Above, a grab of the Philippine Olympic Team. Hope they come home winning, if not gold, silver or bronze, at least the heart of the locals hosting the sporting event. But please do not come home with the dreaded Zika.

The magnificent four-hour opening ceremony gave highlight on the UN refugee team athletes from Syria, South Sudan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) entered the stadium over an overwhelming, raucous, standing ovation.

Firs time ever in the Games, the team of refugees will compete in Rio 2016. A team of ten athletes, who are currently displaced from their home countries, are given the chance to compete in the event.

Since the Olympic Games prohibit even sharing a slice of any video from the coverage of the summer international edition, Twitter and other social media sites made a round about to share the event.

One thing true, this version of the Olympics pushed front and center climate change into the consciousness of participants, the crowd, and people watching the event.

Sad to note here, that only licensed official TV coverage and outlets can show the games, as slowly, online source is thinning out.

When before one can watch the Olympics on some YouTube stream accounts, it is almost NIL now as the internet giant effectively clamped on the practice.

But maybe, with some good chance, a search will land one in Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, or even Vine and Snapchat, prevailing platforms that has video content, for now.

Very soon, these internet social networks will also close in on the protection for copyright property of the source videos, just like Google/YouTube which has already developed a strong Content ID detection and censoring mode. It leads the pack of creeping police patrol on the surf side.

For now, when finding one, even a sneaky site for that matter, enjoy for it will not last any longer than one would wish. Remember when music was shared freely and unobstructed until, until, it was over?


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