Michael Christian Martinez wraps Olympic figure skating conquest


Philippine’s only representative in the on-going 2014 Sochi Olympic Games showed his best in the last phase of his skating campaign.

Michael Chirstian Martinez finished his record breaking stint (for the Philippines and South East Asia, at least), with a superb performance in the free program which earned him a score of 119.44 points.

His total was 184.25 for the men’s free skating event when his previous score of 64.81 points in 19th place for the short program are added.

The youngest entry to participate in the competition at age 17, the Pinoy skate prodigy won the admiration of figure skating enthusiasts nonetheless.

He delivered his awesome free program performance with the music of “Malaguena” by Ernest Lecouna.

He may not win any medal in the current Olympics but at his curent age, he has more opportunity at competing again in the next winter games, not discounting the fact that other international skating events are for his conquest.

As this post is being wrapped up, the competition is still unfolding with nine more skaters to go. He is projected to rank in the 19th or higher, among the 24 entries.

Will post an update later.

This is the short program the other day:


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