Camarines Sur tops tourist arrivals in 2014 among Bicol provinces

The province of Camarines Sur registered the biggest number of tourist arrivals in 2014 among Bicol provinces. According to the Department of Tourism, CamSur experienced a growth rate of 20.25 per cent from 1,547,678 in 2013 to 1,861,010. In contrast, Albay province attained a measly growth of 8.92 per cent, from 880,427 to 958,931 with its foreign visitors dipping by 4.45 per cent.

Mt. Isarog in Canmrines Sur is host to a variety of flora and fauna and a good number of waterfalls.

Sorsogon province’s tourist arrival had a double digit growth at 15.26 per cent rise from 253,981 to 292,747 visitors. Arrivals of foreign nationals registered a high growth of 36.8 per cent; Masbate province, while registering a 24.88 per cent increase overall, the number of total arrivals was still low, from 199,263 tourists in 2013 to 248,838 in 2014.

Pineapple country Camarines Norte registered a dismal performance with negative in growth as visitors decreased by 8.32 per cent from 230,157 in 2013 to 211,013 in 2014. A sharp decline in foreign arivals accounted for the sharpdrop at 65.7 per cent from 41,888 in 2013 to only 14,366 in 2014. Catanduanes registered a 15.65 increase from 131,028 two years ago to 151,534 with foreign visitors posting a 103.3 per cent increase.

According to the Department of Tourism arrivals in 2014 increased by 14.85 per cent with the increase of local tourists by 16.63 per cent while foreign visitors registered an 8.35 per cent boost year on year. Bicol posted a total of 3,724,073 tourists in 2014, including the 753,329 of foreign origin.


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