Indigent residents of Calabanga receive medical assistance

Residents of five rural and depressed barangays of northern Calabanga were recipients of a much needed free medical assistance recently. This was learned from a belated report from our source within the proponent organization.

Some 350 residents, including children, from barangays Balatasan, Punta Tarawal, Dominorog, Balongay and San Bernardino travelled to the off-site location of West Coast high school in Dominorog and were accorded free consultaton and given appropriate medicine, vitamins and anti-biotics.

The prime-mover of this outreach mission Calabanga Damayan Foundation joined forces with the local government and officials and doctors, nurses and midwives of the rural health unit based in the municipality for a one-day medical mission last April 11, 2010.

The outreach project also distributed 150 units of packed-lunch.

Local residents, friends and supporters of the noteworthy endeavor include Mayor Evelyn Yu and councilman Job Casida, On-site volunteers included Nicolmar German, Sabino Docot, Marilou Elopre and Bernardita Ordas, to name a few.

The five barangays has a combined population of 3,183 with Balatasan, 663; Punta Tarawal, 267; Dominorog, 856; Balongay, 1,091; and San Bernardino, 306.

It must be recalled the organization held a fund raising event this past Easter at the Octagon.

(Note: Thanks to and photos courtesy of Calabanga Damayan Foundaton c/o Ms.


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