Move over Marty McFly, a hoverboard for $20K is coming

Some dreamers can’t get enough of Marty McFly’s hoverboard. The dream to build one continues.


Now, there is one prototype the world has finally come closer to inventing a somewhat flying “board” capable of lifting a person above any type of ground and transporting them over “distances.”

Arca Space’s hoverboard project is making ‘Back to the Future’ fans hopeful a dream come true with the acquisition of a Romanian firm’s version but for the price of about US $20K!

Yet the battery can only power the ‘vehicle’ for a maximum of six minutes and requires charge time of six hours. That’s because it uses 36 fans, 195 kg of downward thrust and 272 horsepower to lift the board.

Still a disappointment and have a long way to go in the development process, including its appearance which looks more like Aladdin’s thick flying mattress instead of the slim carpet.

That’s because the board is made of aerospace-grade composite materials which weighs about 80kg. But hey, it will go on sale in April 2016.

ArcaBoard first public presentation in Monaco from ARCA on Vimeo.


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