Fearless but fresh, incohesive storytelling of 41st MMFF New Wave films


Fearless but fresh, incohesive storytelling of 41st MMFF New Wave films.

Before the formal opening of the 41st season of the Metro Manila Film Festival ushered by a parade of stars last December 24th, the small section of independent producers showcased their ‘indie films’ consisting of Full Feature, Animation and Short Films presentations.

They were shown at SM Megamall, Glorietta 4 and the Robinsons Movieworld Manila on December 17-24th.

Some of the films were reviewed as fearless productions, while others were seen as flawed in their story and storytelling concept. In the end, only the viewers decide, hopefully not swayed by the early reviews.

Altogether, the indie films are a respite of the usual commercial formula of local mainstream films which has never progressed whatsoever in their storytelling approach. It would seem that production companies see viewers will not move up to wanting for quality films at all.

Below is the mashup video of entries.

More on video library: HERE FOR MORE


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