Day 4: The finale of Pope Francis Papal Visit in the Philippines

Day 4: The finale of Pope Francis Papal Visit in the Philippines.

Sharing here the official continuous live stream coverage of team RTVM on Pope Francis Papal visit to the Philippines, Day 4.

Coverage starts Jan. 18, 2015, Sunday, 6:00 AM.

Back to the capital from Tacloban city, Pope Francis in Manila meets with the Youth at the sports field of the University of Santo Tomas. Scheduled for Jan 18, 2015. Event starts at 10.10am local time.

In the afternoon, the Pope celebrates the Holy mass at Rizal Park in Manila. Scheduled for Jan 18, 2015. Event begins 3.00pm local time.


The broadcast continues even without live event. Filler videos of previous (past, replays) activities of Pope Francis are streamed while waiting for the next event.

More on video library: HERE FOR MORE


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