More Photo-Info Update on The Parish Church of the Black Nazarene in Binanuaanan Pequeño


The Parish of Black Nazarene can be considered still in its “infancy.” While it was canonically erected in August 29, 2009, the building construction started immediately after five months on February 1, 2010. So far, the parish community has been in a positive stride towards the realization and completion of its major landmark, the church edifice itself.

Designating an upland barangay in the lenten-tourist town of Calabanga was a challenging task but more of a welcome move from the Catholic higher-ups in the Archdiocese of Caceres.


The parish ministers to the spiritual needs of Catholic parishioners in the rural, hard to reach, transport mobility challenged barangays of Lugsad, Burabod, Harubay, Comaguingking, Quinale and the parish seat of Binanuaanan Pequeño, which also include the sub-barangays of Lower Lugsad, Tugayan, Batagon, Punicon and Maytagas.

Current population count attributed to the parish was 6,896 or approximately 1,477 households, so there could be between 1,196 to 1,255 households or 5,585 to 5,861 individuals professing the Catholic faith.

Despite the sparse population and distances, the parish takes pride in following regular mass schedules in all serviced barangays: Lugsad Taas, 3:00 PM, Second and Fourth Saturdays; Comaguingking, 8:00 AM, First and Third Sundays; Burabod, 3:00 PM, Every Sunday; Harubay, 9:00 AM, Every Sunday; Quinale, 10:00 AM, First Saturday; Lugsad Baba, 3:00 PM, First and Third Saturdays; Batagon, 10:00 AM, Second Saturday; Ponicon, 10:00 AM, Fourth Saturday.

Since the physical church is undergoing construction, the parish needs back-up from its parishioners, and present and likely to become future supporters. Interested persons, parties, entities, or institutions can communicate with any of the members of the local pastoral council or the parish priest himself, the Rev. Fr. Antonio Rex M. Palaya, either personally or by phone at 0918-9442-752.

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