CENSORED: Crosses in Italian Cemetery Are Covered

Symbols, images and icons of the Roman Catholic religion
Symbols, images and icons of the Roman Catholic religion

An Italian cemetery covered crosses as a different approach of pushing for religious tolerance.

It was reported that crosses in graves in Pieve di Cento in Italy have been clothed in black.

This was the approach resorted to avoid offending people from different religion. While not specifically identifyng the religion, observers pointed out that it may be referring to the Muslims.

Other than the graveyard in the town of Bologna which has a population of 7K, a motorised blackout curtain was also installed in the local chapel undergoing renovations. The purpose was also to hide Roman Catholic icons and symbols during services from non-Christians.

Icons and symbols of the Catholic Religion

This prevailing incident is not the first time Catholic Italy have censored religious objects.

During the visit of Iranian President Hassam Rouhani in 2016, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had seen to it that the religious statues at the Capitoline Museum were entirely draped.

It was done so as not to offend the Iranian leader during the state visit.

Meanwhie, the Archbishop of Florence, Cardinal Giuseppe Betori has approved the sale of 86K square feet of property to a group of Muslims. The lot will be the future site of a mosque in Sesto Florentino.

Also in northern Italy, a Muslim association bought an old church for 500K Euros which will be converted to a mosque.


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