Because Butterflies Are Free (Sony FDR-AX53 Test)

I’m sharing here a video which is part of the test done on the new Sony FDR-AX53 videocam.

I was thinking of what should be the first subject of my video for a while now. As I know there are plenty of small birds always hanging around on the nearby trees I thought it can pretty well serve the purpose.

So I grabbed the camera fitted an ultraviolet protective filter. Then I mounted it on the tripod. It was about 10 in the morning.

That outing actually became a two hour stake out at the backyard.

I was already filming the birds frolicking on the trees, branches and neighbor’s rooftops, Composing footage was more of a challenge since birds are so quick and I can hardly get enough good footage.

The plan playing on my mind was to take more footage of the birds totally unmindful of the lantana plants in full bloom this summer which were gently swaying in the rhythmn of the wind.

My attention got destracted when one tiny, small butterfly flew fast before me towards the shrubbery blooms.

That single moment changed my focus and I followed the tiny skipper.

To my delight, I saw and found lots of them, not only two but many skippers frolicking and flying and landing and hopping on the lantana flowers.

I am not an expert on butterflies so I really can not specifically tell what specie these flyers belong to. I can only point out that the butterflies were small. By the looks of length of their wings, it could measure from one inch or something.

What I am so sure was that it was a good opportunity they came along. And I was thankful for that.

I had the camera mounted on the tripod which proved more of a challenge taking a video of the insects. The Sony camera is equipped with a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar floating lens for stability in capturing video footage but only if held by hands and unmounted from the tripod. (That is why a Gimbal for the videocam can help a lot.) Added to that setting was the active steady shot option which may compensate any abrupt movement of my subject or factors like wind shake.

I have no more time to remove the camera from the tripod I only folded it up to the shortest configuration under my grip and started filming the beautiful critters.

I was prepared to take action video and preset the footage to take 60 frames per second.

The two hour stake out produced a usable 25-minute footage.

It was a good decision to use 60 frames per second as I want to reduce the speed of the finished video if only to have a slowmo and clear view of the small butterflies. It proved very useful.

This video afforded me to get a close up observation of the butterflies for the first time. It was also a confirmation that the lantana flowers are a source of nectar which the butteflies enjoyed so much.

I also added in this video the short footage where the butterflies frolicked and do their romantic encounter. I am looking forward to covering more of this experience the next time around.

I hope you enjoy watching the rest of the video as I did. That is why I made it sure viewers will have enough view time with the extended length of the video.

By the way, help me identify the butterflies. I know, one or two of them could either be a male or female. And were they of the skipper type?

Watch the video on our official Cbanga360 inMotion channel in YouTube on this link HERE

[Video file fact: of “Because Butterflies Are Free (Sony FDR-AX53 Test)”
✅ Video: Streams (dependent on the viewer internet connection and gadget capability, look Ma, it’s great to watch on TV!) at H264, 1920 x 1080 at 22,000 kBits/Sec in 29.97 frames/sec)
✅ Audio: MPEG4 at 16 bit stereo @ 48 KHZ
✅ Duration: 17 mins. & 50 secs.
✅ Total frames: x
✅ Total file size: 1,562,683 KB
✅ Music: Scorefitter]


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