Watch PNoy favorite of hecklers, now twice in June

Watch here. President Benigno S. Aquino III is a favorite of hecklers. In less than a month, this June, he was heckled by disgruntled vocal members of the society during speaking sorties in the provinces.

Protesters strike again, disrupting President Aquino’s speech, this time in Iloilo. Authorities say they will not file charges against the demonstrators but an activist group could sue the police.

The hostage crisis that cost the lives of eight Hong Kong tourists three years ago came back to haunt President Aquino at the 21st APEC Summit. Reporters from Now TV, Radio Television Hong Kong and Commercial Radio asked Aquino if he would apologize to the families of the victims. These reporters were then barred from covering APEC meetings due to security concerns, according to APEC host Indonesia.


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