Premier Provinces of the Philippines in 2005

The ills of urbanization- unplanned settlements sprout in the outskirts of Metro Manila. Here is a street scene of Taytay, province of Rizal. What street? That

In our continuing presentation of the annual income of Bicol LGUs we take a look at how they compare  in rank with others.

The province of Rizal earned +P1.3B for fiscal year of 2005. Quite remarkable considering that many of its premier and urban towns were chopped from its jurisdiction when the National Capital region was created.

The remaining Rizal towns are now enjoying progress, in terms of income, facing problems on traffic congestion, over population and urban homelessness as well. These towns follow the urbanization-effect engulfing the Metro Manila cities.

There were 10 provinces that made over P1B in our reference year, topped by Bulacan and Cebu. Nueva Ecija made it to the list on the 10th. Only two provinces from the Visayas made it to top ten, all others were in Luzon and none from Mindanao.

Review the reference table here:

Rank Region Province Income
1 Region III Bulacan 1,541,913,000
2 Region VII Cebu 1,437,170,457
3 Region IV-A Rizal 1,301,117,460
4 Region IV-A Laguna 1,274,622,876
5 Region IV-A Cavite 1,247,327,809
6 Region I Pangasinan 1,238,853,368
7 Region VI Negros Occidental 1,221,754,460
8 Region IV-A Quezon 1,109,649,702
9 Region IV-A Batangas 1,082,353,870
10 Region III Nueva Ecija 1,013,389,000


Twenty five provinces earned between P510M plus and less than P1B. Camarines Sur lists on the 28th over all while Albay was on the 31st. Not on the table are: Masbate (43rd), Sorsogon (48th), and Camarines Norte (61st).

Check the able here:

Rank Region Province Income
11 Region X Bukidnon 992,139,225
12 Region II Isabela 944,361,000
13 Region VI Iloilo 922,442,860
14 Region VIII Leyte 847,702,423
15 Region IV-B Palawan 835,368,751
16 Region XII North Cotabato 834,371,898
17 Region III Bataan 819,406,439
18 Region IX Zamb. Del Norte 819,081,754
19 Region III Pampanga 799,614,400
20 Region VII Negros Oriental 755,675,147
21 Region II Cagayan 741,342,000
22 Region I Ilocos Sur 670,465,831
23 CARAGA Agusan Del Sur 667,483,599
24 Region VII Bohol 656,628,598
25 Region XII Lanao Del Sur 656,092,150
26 Region XII Sultan Kudarat 629,403,428
27 Region III Tarlac 622,500,136
28 Region V Camarines Sur 602,759,000
29 Region I La Union 568,949,044
30 Region I Ilocos Norte 563,247,244
31 Region V Albay* 555,576,801
32 Region XII Maguindanao 545,678,205
33 Region XI Compostela Valley 523,457,958
34 Region IX Zamb. Del Sur 520,517,155
35 Region XI Davao Del Norte 510,217,872


Ten low-income provinces. Quite interesting, eight of these are small island(s)-provinces in terms of area and population. Bicol’s Catanduanes is 8th on the list and 72nd on over-all listing. The two non-island are landlocked Mt. Province and Ifugao, both of the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Rank Region Province Income
70 Region IV-B Romblon 264,810,208
71 CAR Ifugao 263,044,579
72 Region V Catanduanes 259,960,600
73 CAR Mt. Province 246,232,280
74 Region IV-B Marinduque 231,018,277
75 Region VI Guimaras 186,483,070
76 Region VIII Biliran 175,466,869
77 Region VII Siquijor 167,890,929
78 Region X Camiguin 155,597,802
79 Region II Batanes 133,098,000


Twenty one provinces showed success in sound fiscal management with savings between P101M up to +P413M at the end of the year. Rizal and Nueva Vizcaya were on top. Visayan island-province of Bohol was on the 21st.

Rank Region Province Surplus/Savings
1 Region IV-A Rizal 413,084,863
2 Region II Nueva Vizcaya 284,967,000
3 Region XII Sultan Kudarat 273,655,136
4 Region IV-A Quezon 267,848,730
5 Region VII Cebu 262,805,553
6 Region III Nueva Ecija 227,975,000
7 Region IV-A Batangas 227,064,942
8 Region IV-B Palawan 202,469,525
9 Region II Isabela 200,017,000
10 Region I Pangasinan 180,891,497
11 Region III Tarlac 150,084,969
12 Region XI Compostela Valley 149,560,343
13 Region III Pampanga 147,556,583
14 Region VIII Leyte 124,272,651
15 Region IX Zamb. Del Sur 121,673,508
16 Region III Bataan 121,046,617
17 CARAGA Surigao Del Norte 120,967,072
18 Region XI Davao Oriental 117,411,785
19 Region VII Negros Oriental 111,099,484
20 CARAGA Surigao Del Sur 110,264,281
21 Region VII Bohol 101,594,789


The bottom provinces saving less and then nothing.  Three provinces went on the red at the end of the fiscal year topped by Laguna with P88M+ as  Quirino saved over P8M.

Rank Region Province Savings/ Deficit
1 Region IV-A Laguna -86,734,451
2 CARAGA Agusan Del Sur -66,558,616
3 Region XII South Cotabato -42,077,527
4 Region VIII Southern Leyte -5,294,189
5 Region IX Zamboanga Sibugay 1,742,947
6 Region III Aurora 5,300,630
7 Region IX Basilan 5,523,684
8 Region IX Sulu* 7,545,524
9 Region II Quirino 8,169,000


To be continued.

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