Now rising, the surreal clamor for fake new born baby dolls

We are aware that young kids grin from ear to ear when given adorable baby dolls with matching dress and accessories.

All the more the delight is greater when dolls are lifelike, with movable arms, legs and winking eyas. Or with long hair they can trim and curl and all fancy works the young hands can work on.

On the other end of the spectrum, adults are getting into the fancy of owning life-like dolls, too.

So-called artists are crafting silicone dolls just to cater to the clamor of teens and adults for younger looking dolls, in fact, like newly born baby dolls.

Customers get deliveries of these silicone creations with matching “Reborn Baby Certificate” and adoption paper form from sellers, too.

But the fancy for these fakes also meet some disapproval from conservatives and non believers. “Adopt a baby, see the kid grow for real,” one commented.

So here, is a video for all to appreciate or otherwise:

Or, this one below:

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