Eight billionaires own as much wealth as 3.6 billion of world’s poorest combined

This morning, we wake up with a reality check, the stunning news of how eight of the world’s richest men own approximately the same amount of wealth as the entire poorest half of the world population. You read it right, only eight men own that much.

These billionaires are identified as Bill Gates ($75-Billion), Amancio Ortega($67-B), Warren Buffet ($60.8-B), Carlos Slim Helu ($50-B), Jeff Bezos ($45.2-B) Mark Zuckerberg ($44.6-B), Larry Ellison ($43.6-B) and Michael Bloomber($40-B) for a rough total of $462.2 billion US dollars.

The updated list of world’s richest was sourced form Forbe’s.

On the other side of the billionaires’ fence are the equivalent of approximately 3.6 billion earthlings that are in the bracket called poorest.

The biting truth was such an extreme reality that Oxfam, a worldwide organization with a mission of fighting poverty, noted that “every day 1 of 8 people go to bed hungry.”

Oxfam reacted with the valid observation that “Such extreme inequality is outrageous. Families living in poverty around the world are forced to suffer impossibly low wages, inhumane working conditions, and a total lack of even the most basic public services like water, education and healthcare. Governments are doing too little to help. And all the while, the usual suspects make billions from a system bent in their favour.”

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