DPWH begins construction of P240-M Legazpi boulevard extension, wall

The Legazpi boulevard at night. It serves as a breakwater protecting residential areas of barangays from typhoon surges during stormy weather.

The presence of earth movers, heavy engineering equipments, signals the start of construction of the Legazpi boulevard extension along the northern coastline of the city that will serve also as a sea wall. The P240 million project of the national government is under the auspices of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

The new thoroughfare will serve as alternate route between the commercial and regional government centers located in Barangay Rawis which will afford a convenient roadway to the first district of Albay passing through the beachfront areas of Barangays Sabang, Baybay and San Roque.

The project will encompass a foreshore land area of 2.4 kilometers including a 380-meter-long reinforced concrete deck girder bridge over the Tibu and Yawa rivers.

The engineering activities in progress will include the laying of core rocks, backfill, grouted rip-rap, foundation and retaining wall; construction of two-lane all-weather concrete road, sidewalk, concrete fence, bike lanes and bridge approach and railings; installation of solar street lights; landscaping; and establishment of greens and buffer zones.

Once completed, the road extension will compliment the now existing eight-kilometer Legazpi boulevard located at the southern part of the city.

The Legazpi boulevard serves as a breakwater protecting residential areas of barangays from typhoon surges during stormy weather. (With PNA report).

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