New “Cory” ant specie, highway, get names after former President Aquino

smileredunhappyWhich of the two groups can’t have enough of former Presidentt Cory Aquino nostalgia? The Filipino people in general, or the present government officials simply sucking it through the current Aquino administration?

Just as it was noted that a boulevard in Camarines Norte will get its name after the Cory, some more are coming up or have just been named.


When two researchers “accidentally” discovered a group of ants in the primary lowland, virgin forest of Cleopatra’s Needle in Palawan island, the first idea that cropped into their mind was to claim it a new specie and name the insects “Romblonella coryae” or “R. coryae” in honor of former President Cory.

The duo ant specialist-discoverers Perry Archival Buenavente and David Emmanuel General described the ants as “robust, hard and compact body, stout propodeal spines, massive petiole and postpetiole, and gaster formed largely by the first tergite. Romblonella ants are very rare to find. They have only been seen in five island locations in the Philippines and have not been observed anywhere in the mainlands of Luzon and Mindanao,” General says. It was not revealed which part of the ants have shades of yellow, if any.

Meanwhile, the former Manila North Diversion Road and Manila North Expressway, now the North Luzon Expressway, will be renamed President Corazon C. Aquino Expressway with the passage of a bill from Nueva Ecija congresswoman Magnola Antonio-Nadres. So ironic, that the 84-kilometer tollway mostly serving Central Luzon was a pet project of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the nemesis of President Benigno S. Aquino, III.

Just wonder how many more will get the Cory name should the current president stay for another six years in Malacanang? The more, the merrier, though.

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