Albay Power Energy Corporation plunges Legazpi City, other towns in darkness


LEGAZPI CITY, Albay, June 1, 2014 — For four days now, the entire city of Legazpi including the towns of Sto. Domingo and Manito, are still plunged into total darkness by the Albay Power Energy Corporation.

According to reports a 20-MVA power transformer of a sub-station of the electric service retailer caused power transmission to trip off at about 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, last week. A local resident described the incident hearing sound as if “there was an explosion.”

Also affected by the total blackout is the water service of the city which is also dependent on electricity.

As of this writing, business establishments and home owners are using gasoline and diesel-fired generators to restore electricity in their business operations and residential houses.

It must be recalled that the bankrupt Albay Electric Cooperative (ALECO) was taken over by San Miguel Electricity Corporation, the energy arm of the San Miguel Corporation in March this year, despite the long and strong opposition of concerned citizens.

San Miguel promised that SMEC is committed to assist in transforming the cooperative into an efficient and reliable power distribution utility.

During that time, APEC assured consumers that an upgrade to ALECO’s existing power sub-stations and distribution lines by substituting new equipment and clearing barriers in various distribution lines.

We have yet to hear positive words from the proponents of the takeover by the cooperative into the hands of a private operator, including the good governor of Albay, Joey Salceda on this development.

The takeover of the electric utility caused the loss of 279 employees of their jobs. APEC services 190,000 consumers in 15 towns and three cities of the province


7 thoughts on “Albay Power Energy Corporation plunges Legazpi City, other towns in darkness”

  1. Are you kidding me? The only reaction of Gov. Joey Salceda was to put out a schedule of rotating brown out in the ciity!!! Some residential areas will have electricity in the morning from 6AM to 6PM when there are no people at their homes! Just the same, no electricity in the evening from 6PM to 6AM.

  2. Whatever “pogi” points he earned in the past will be shaved off “literally” by this prevailing predicament of residents and business owners in the city. HA! The city that is fronting to become a premier tourist destination was downed on its knees by a simple power blackout by greed and opportunism of big business.

  3. It’s been 2 months now that some parts of Bonot until now have no electricity. While the neighboring areas in Bonot like the Laplaya,Bagong Pook and Regional Center already have electricity. Would you please kindly check the area along Peñaranda ext. near the bridge and former Bicol Hair area and renilisan? also please expedite restoration of electricity in these areas. Last 2006 when Legazpi was devastated by typhoon Reming the damage to the city was even more extensive compared to this latest typhoon that hit legazpi. But amazingly power was restored faster in our area before when this was still under Aleco.
    Do you have any better explanation?

    1. The “creation” of APEC is the combined “work” of the Catholic heirarchy, the provincial leadership together with the government agencies thwarting the legitimate wishes of the consumers and former employees of ALECO. The company came into being despite its legal flows which is now under the scrutiny of concerned sectors. Empowering an untested entity to cater to the electric service needs of the province should have been a cause for concern before and even now. APEC is definitely for profit, hence, inconvenienced people can do nothing but wait, for the moment. So far the publicist of governor Salceda is more on the fun things based on the events being posted in his facebook account.

    2. I ask for favor that APEC is efficient and reliable SOURCE service of electricity compared to ALECO? !why is it that I already send my application for power connection ,bill arrears last( January 13,2015) ALREADY CLEARED,electical wiring is already done but STILL the instellation either inspection OF POWER CONNECTION are too poor within APEC jurisdiction.I AM still waiting for fastest action do the same their job should be reliable and be productive.I worrying that our KABBAYANG BICOLANOS ARE ALWAYS BEHIND IN THE DARKNESS because of poorest services,unreliable miscommunication to its costumers/constutuences.PLS. give deeply attention for this issue .I suggest also APEC management to increase manpower in order to accomodate hundred of peoaple suffering from” DARKNESS w/out LIGHT” alex reboriano tnx GOD BLESS

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