St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish Constructs Tontonan

We meant to make this post to come out simply as a photo essay, but have to add little bit of notes, though.

The parish of St. Peregrine of Laziosi is currently building its “Tontonan” or that structure we are always familiar with used during the Catholic church’s Easter Sunday ceremony of “Salubungan” or “Domingo sabat.”

The project is actually a two-in-one edifice. The top-most portion of the building will house the bell tower and the lower portion will be the easter “kastillo” or “tontonan” however one may refer to it, a structure as obiquitious as the church itself in many Bicol churchyards.

The parish is located in barangay Sto. Domingo, municipality of Calabanga.

Good Samaritans are exhorted and welcome to donate cash and/or kind that will be used to purchase part or parcel of the following construction materials:(1) 350 bags Portland cement, (2) 75 pcs. 16mm RSB @6M, (3) 65 pcs. 20mm RSB @9M, (4) Hacksaw blade 5pcs., (5) nails 3″ 1 keg, (6) Tamsi small, (7) 400 pcs 2″x3″ lumber,

(7) 20 M3 Albay sand, (8) 110 pcs. 10mm RSB @6M, (9) 75MM gravel, (10) nails 1″ l keg, (11) 10 pcs Yero 10X3 (ordinary), (12) 50 pcs 2X3 lumber, (13) 20 M3 crushed gravel 3/4, ((14) 80 pcs 12 mm RSB @6M, (15) 10 pcs 1/2″ plywood, (16) nails 2″ 1 keg (17) umbrella nail 1 kl, (18) 80 pcs 2″X2″ lumber.

For more detailed information, interested parties may call cell #09276056069 or better still visit the office of Fr. Joseph Collada Olin, the first and current parish priest in his temporary residence at the barangay.(


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