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Less than two years since its launching last November 24, 2007, the Bicol Wikipidya, an alternative choice and online reference source now has 4.654 articles and increasing. It is the fruitful outcome of the persistent and spirited objective of Bicolano writers, businessmen, historians, researchers, and students with interest in history, culture, geography, geneology, and a lot more.

The bond of being Bicolano coupled with a desire and drive to pursue the project despite the obstacles eventually hurdled now come into fruition.

Bicol Wikipidya
Sa laog nin kulang sa duwang taon poon ginibo kan Nobyembre 24, 2007, an Bicol Wikipidya, an talingkas na ensayklopidya igua na nin 4,654 na artikulos asin padagdag pa. Ini resulta kan maigot na pakikipaglaban asin may marhay na obhetibong grupo nin mga parasurat, negosyante, estudyante na may apisyon sa historya, tataramon, kultura, geograpiya, genealohiya, asin iba pa. An pagiging Bicolanp, ibahan pa kan udok na kagustuhan na madagos an prohekto maski may dakul na balakid matapos lampasan ini ngonian nagging totoo na.


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  1. I was just doing some web browsing during my spare time at my work place, and I came across something I thought was intriguing. It linked over to your website so I jumped over. I can’t really find the relevance between your site and the one I came from, but your site good none the less .

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