Paolbo’s Divine Mercy Parish to Build Pastoral Center

The Divine Mercy church interior, showcasing a long shot of the altar.

Alas, there is more on the drawing board for the Divine Mercy parish and community. The next project will be the proposed construction of another facility to service the growing religious community around Paolbo.

Yes, the parish of Divine Mercy is set to build a new pastoral center building within its compound very soon. The untiring parish priest Fr. Jovi Balang said that the structure will also be appointed as the “Our Lady of Mercy Spiritual Center.”

Fr. Jovi is appealing for the generosity of those with good intents for donation and support. Please deposit donations at the Banco de Oro Naga- Plaza Rizal Branch account number 5970033244 Divine Mercy Parish 4405. For more friendly information, please call +63 (054) 255-6926.

As always, all donations are greatly appreciated. Be not the last one to drop that donation. Hurry.

Architectural rendition of the proposed Our Lady of Mercy Spiritual center.

Meanwhile, on our post about the celebration, inauguration and dedication of the church of the (please read on this link) Divine Mercy, it was mentioned we’ll show the interior of the church. Well, there it is.

The place is well appointed, most decent, beautiful and very solemn. An apt place to participate in the mass and receive communion. It is after all, a church. It is mid-sized, just enough to accommodate the throng of churchgoers on Sundays, Holy days of obligation, etc.

It was only after the completion of this monumental project that parishioners, donors and occasional guests truly appreciate end result of the perspiration, effort, time and love poured. Proof that unity in belief and oneness in the spirit of giving can achieve many things.

Because there was the element of belief, belief that the task of church building can be achieved when the community participate actively and wholly.

Everybody involved must have experienced that euphoric feeling during the dedication and each time they step into the edifice.

Photo and images courtesy of Fr. Jovi and our Tony Abalayan, Jr.


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  1. On behalf of the faithful of the Parish of the Divine Mercy here in Calabanga, I am extending the gratitude and blessings for your usual support for our humble Parish community…salamat po Manoy and God bless!
    November 26, 2010 at 9:20pm · Like

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