Copy-cat anti-drug “vigilante” operation gets into the groove in Naga City?


The blood of alleged vigilante killings now spreads in Bicol. This after two bodies were found in separate areas of Naga City on consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday.

Both victims were found with packaging tapes around their heads complimented with board signs by their side that warns: “Huwag tularan ang mga pushers — Bicol Vigilantes,” which is a signature of similar extra-judicial killings in the cities around Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

On July 23 the body of Michael Reyes, 39, was found in Barangay Pacol at about 11 p.m. with a cardboard bearing “Huwag tularan ang mga holdaper.” The body sustained gunshot wound on the back while the face was wrapped with packaging tape.

Another body found with stab wounds on the chest and throat was that of Ariel Bucacao, 29, was discovered at about 5 a.m. on Sunday at the entrance of Saint James Subdivision in Almeda Highway in Barangay Concepcion Grande. The victim had stab wounds on the chest and throat and a signage of “Huwag tularan mga pushers—Bicol Vigilantes” (Do not copy drug pushers – Bicol Vigilantes) was found beside the body.

According to Naga City Police spokesman SPO2 Tobias Bongon, the alleged criminal element and drug pushers alleged victims of summary killings executed by alleged anti-drug vigilantes brought to three the number of deaths since similar crime was first reported July 14.

The older brother of Ariel, Leonardo Bucacao, disclosed that Reyes fetched his brother early Saturday night.

Bongon said Bucacao has previous criminal record in their office for thief and previously imprisoned at the Naga City jail.

The first fatality identified as Allan Castro, 38, was shot dead by motorcycle riding tandem-assasins in Barangay San Felipe.

It must be recalled that President Rodrigo Duterte gave the nod for the Philippine National Police to “put behind bars or below ground” drug personalities.

The police authorities and vigilantes involved on the war against drug must have these song as their common theme: “We’ve only just begun.”

  • Copy-cat anti-drug “vigilantes” gets into the groove in Naga City?


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