Peñafrancia Fluvial on the Naga River

This is part three of the photo recap of the Peñafrancia fluvial procession last Saturday. This is a photo report of how people milled around the river bank of Naga for that fleeting glimpse of the procession on the water.

The bird’s-eye view of the snaking procession following the contours of the Naga river.

The transition from the street procession to the water event gave an adrenalin rush for devotees, spectators and tourists alike.

Some 300 military personnel helped in cleaning the river due to unwanted debris and garbage before the actual fluvial procession.

The residents and the city government of Naga should take not only one look but also envision and implement a program on how to keep the river clean and alive again. Or, is it too late now?

Can you imagine the Peñafrancia festivities without the fluvial on the Naga river in the coming years?

Photos by our Tony Abalayan, Jr.


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