Rita Azur, Scion of a Sibobo Clan of Calabanga

Visiting the seaside village of Sibobo brings back some memories of the distant past on this writer. But while our main purpose was only to revisit and take some photos of the place, there was one unintended surprise waiting for us. It was also an unannouced visit to one good and grandlady of the barangay.

I am referring to Mrs. Riza Azur, the widow of Lamberto “Bentoy” Azur. She was home for the Holy week days. As with the past years, she would be home specifically weeks before the Semana Santa.

The Azur's residence in barangay Sibobo is an imposing structure and a landmark in the community.

When she was few years younger, she served her barrio mates for several election terms as the endearing and indefatigable barangay chairman. She still is well-loved and a respected personality of the community.

Riting, as she is fondly called by her peers and friends, is the head of the clan we were referring to on this post about the water system in the barangay. (It was mentioned on this post: the sand and gravel mining in Calabanga) In her behest, her family donated a piece of land for the current barangay hall, a few steps and fronting her big house.

Mrs. Azur’s children found their way to a “greener pasture” of the western hemisphere in Canada, where she too stays in her daughter’s home most of the year. She told this writer she was having great time looking after her grand children grow up and about for some years now.

Why she would come home on the holy days is no puzzle to us. She finds Sibobo a good place to stay and recall the years when her children were just growing up. Sibobo is the home of her memories.

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    1. Good to learn about that. But who among her children, we can only guess because you hide anonymously.

      1. Good to hear a note from one of Mrs. Azur’s son. In one chance visit in her place, (writer of this post) also had a chat with one of her daughter, though. Wait ’til a photo of that encounter get posted soon.

  1. I just want to thank you for the the “Article”… makes mom (mama ting) very proud and happy. I am one of the daughter that lives in canada. I miss Sibobo very much. I hope one day I’ll be able to visit Sibobo again. my last visit was 26 yrs ago.

  2. thank you Bicol Street Journal for your story and the picture of the place were we all ( Azur Children) grow up! this place was our pride and joy!

  3. Im the 5th son of Ritz & Lambert Azur also a musician now living in HK. Posting moms story make her happy and proud and thank you so much for showing these to the world, im always proud to be Calabangueño esp. Our barangay Sibobo…

  4. Thanks for visiting the website to the sons and daughers of Mrs.Azur. May she stay in good health and enjoy the company of her loving children.

  5. A proud granddaughter of Mama Ting & Papa Lamberto. She is all any of us could ask for – loving, caring and full of energy! Couldn’t wait for her to visit us here in Hong Kong. Love you Mama!

  6. In 28 yrs, I had the opportunity to be home and yes visited our own “Sibobo Home Sweet Home”. Surely was a big change since I was there in 1987; more population and more families. Way of living is different but one thing that havent changed is the people in the community. They are the same loving, caring and fun people i have ever knoen. Small and Mighty Sibobo. Many still recognized me. I have talked and exchanged smiles and waved to many people i havent recognized in years, it was a great feeling that I have connected with the same people where i was raised and continued on our family values.

    Thank you Sibobo for a welcoming smiles :-). Thats what life is all about. Keep smiling!

    I am so proud that our mother made it back home and in good health, and enjoying her stay. With our continuos prayer to keep her safe while visiting and to continue on the Azur tradition this coming Holy Week. How i wish to be there to experience the amazing celebration thats bring the people together with one faith.

    Our prayers and blessing with the community of Sibobo for a prosperous life in more years to come.

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