CBSUA-ACT Students Launch Clean-Up Drive

CLASS ACT: Students learn and earn real-life experiences through volunteer and community work.

By Marianne A. Ramos

Students enrolled at the Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) course of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture here in Calabanga are engaged in an immersion project in the community and residents of barangay Belen.

Major accomplishment of the volunteer group would be their weeding of grass and cleaning of dirt on the shoulders of the busy national road that traverses the rural community.

All participants are under the helm of instructor Danilo Campil.

The month-long activity which began on February 19 will culminate on the 19th of this month.

I am one of the volunteer NSTP students. We aim to beautify the area and maintain its cleanliness.

This coming Saturday, our group will stay in foster families of the barangay- eat with them, sleep with them and help the family on their regular chores. It will be the culminating activity of our group, an experience many of us are looking forward to.(


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