Watch: Penafrancia festivities culminate in fluvial procession

The culmination of the Penafrancia festivity begins today. The image of Ina on the street of Naga city. 2014 Traslacion file photo of Tony Abalayan.

We have covered the Traslacion and the street and Fluvial procession of the venerated images of the Virgin of Penafrancia and the Dvino Rostro for so many times, either live blogging, video live stream courtesy of local TV channels, photos and images thru our Tony Abalayan’s lenses, if you would care to read and browse on the following sample links here:

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9/16/1972 Live Blogging at the Colgante Bridge

Peñafrancia Fluvial and the Pagoda

Peñafrancia Fluvial on the Naga River

But all of the above and more items published on our pages can not ever replace the experience of being physically present and feel and observe the solemnity of the occasion. So for our kahimanwa, fellow Bicolanos far and away from Naga city, here we go again with the live stream.

Hourly masses are being celebrated at the Naga Metropolitan Cathedral until the images are raplaced on the carriages on their way to the penultimate street and fluvial procession and back to the Basilica.

Live media stream simulcast of Penafrancia fluvial 2014 was over. All links are cleared. Instead, posting here the partial 2014 recorded stream, courtesy of GMA Naga TV:

Previous 2013 Penafrancia Fluvial by PBN TV 5, IMMultimedia and GNN TV 48:

Happy fiesta!!!

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