List: 34 Bicol towns breach P100-M annual regular income in FY2014

34 Bicol towns surpass the P100-Million annual regular income for 2014.

Aroroy, Masbate. The rich mining town also boasts of white sandy beach in Tinigban. H/T to facebook photo by Guioguio Andray.

For fiscal year ending December 2014, of the 107 Bicol towns, 34 breached the P100-million mark in their annual regular income.

The first five local government units include the mining town of Aroroy (Masbate), Daraga (Albay), Labo (CamNorte), Daet (CamNorte) and Libmanan (CamSur).

Annual regular income consists of locally sourced revenue together with Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) for the year and other shares from the national tax collection.

Locally sourced revenue includes real property tax, tax on business, other taxes, regulatory fees, service/user charges, and receipts from economic enterprises.

RankTownProvinceAnnual Regular Income(PHP)
1AROROYMasbate 254,996,391.04
2DARAGAAlbay 222,157,681.73
3LABOCamNorte 194,933,398.67
4DAETCamNorte 193,233,911.78
5LIBMANANCamsur 171,790,729.82
6BULANSorsogon 168,541,238.86
7PILICamsur 168,151,275.68
8POLANGUIAlbay 154,942,141.70
9GUINOBATANAlbay 151,032,580.53
10VIRACCatanduanes 145,166,778.16
11NABUACamsur 143,122,619.14
12CALABANGACamsur 133,425,330.26
13MILAGROSMasbate 132,545,101.95
14LIBONAlbay 131,317,594.67
15TINAMBACCamsur 131,083,184.80
16BUHICamsur 130,438,621.86
17PILARSorsogon 129,349,994.75
18SIPOCOTCamsur 123,445,435.52
19OASAlbay 122,698,495.02
20RAGAYCamsur 121,241,435.52
21TIWIAlbay 121,149,808.70
22CATAINGANMasbate 119,800,509.66
23BULACamsur 119,280,991.82
24GOACamsur 118,973,132.99
25CAWAYANMasbate 118,876,375.76
26CAMALIGAlbay 114,857,075.13
27LAGONOYCamsur 114,480,924.14
28JOSE PANGANIBANCamNorte 112,652,554.81
29SAN PASCUALMasbate 109,557,321.74
30GUBATSorsogon 105,990,889.44
31RAPU-RAPUAlbay 102,379,728.74
32PLACERMasbate 102,276,376.59
33PARACALECamNorte 102,225,652.99
34CASTILLASorsogon 101,538,745.10


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