Cbanga360: One Year and Counting

Happy Birthday, Cbanga360!!!

Cbanga360(Dot)Net just passed the 100-post mark the other day as we celebrate a year of blogging. I was groping at what title this post must carry. Maybe, “If you build it they will come,” mimicking the famous line of a Kevin Costner-movie ages ago.

For haven’t we built a test blog from scratch one summer ago and endured the writer’s block more often than not and in a fashion of stop-and-stride we’re able to move forward.

We remember years ago, when we came up with a personal website which lasted for about eight years until we lost the steam and had to hibernate and eventually abandon the endeavor.

Also on the same light, we started the Bicol House Journal, an attempt at getting literary juice keep flowing.

We hop and limp blogging in trickles and very irregular, too. Yet, we pat our backs and congratulate ourselves for whatever minuscule accomplishement we have done so far.

Cbanga360, the street journal about Calabanga and many things Bicol, was one idea of how to fill dull days into something worth productive.

It turned out, the process of maintaining the blog, i.e., writing posts consume our time coupled with leg work, research, coordination and much more. We also have to prudently join social networking platforms for exposure. Even if we are just too shy.

Cbanga360 is looking at Calabanga and interesting Bicol on a scale of 360 degrees. small and big, important and not, as long as we may be able to compose even one that is mere coffee-table conversation piece. Even if we don’t get any comment as our way of tracking back reader response. We still feel good.

So as we turn a new leaf of Cbanga360(Dot)Net, we look forward to a revved-up blogging one post at a time.

There are plans still on the drawing board like the revival of the Bicol House Journal within this blog or maybe in a sub-domain.

Or the opening up of our doors to reader-contributors, and promo-campaigns, which may get fulfillment on days to come as our way of recognition and appreciation of the handful of readers that stop by.

Happy birthday, Cbanga360!!! Many thanks and Dios mabalos po saindo gabos.


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