Filipinos rank fifth happiest citizens in the world – Gallup survey

smileredunhappyMANILA, March 22 — Happy to learn that the Filipinos ranked the fifth happiest citizens in the world! according to the result of a global survey. The Philippines scored 80, based on a research conducted by the Gallup, a US-based performance-management consulting firm.

Leading the survey is Paraguay which scored 89. Followed by Colombia, Ecuador and Guatemala which shared the second spot with the score of 84. Honduras, Panama and Venezuela all got 82 all tied at third place. While Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua scored 81 and shared the fourth place.










Gallup interviewed 1,000 adults aged 15 and older in each country and where asked questions to gauge their Positive Experience Index. Among the questions asked were: Did they feel well rested? Were they treated with respect? Did they smile or laugh a lot? Did they learn something interesting? In 2012, the Philippines ranked fourth and shared the spot with Guatemala. This year, the Philippines went down one rank lower, though.


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